TR-6060 SynchronizersAt TREMEC we’ve always have a few stews in the cooker. The following recipies are coming soon!

Magnum-F (aka F-Car Magnum)

The long awaited replacement for the T-56 6-speed in 1993-2002 4th-Generation F-bodies (Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird), the Magnum-F is an F-car specific version of the vaunted Magnum 6-speed aftermarket assembly.  No more scouring bone yards for used T-56 cores, or endless searches for rebuild parts and upgrades.  With the Magnum-F you get 100% brand new hardware, born from the same place as our other Magnum products—the revered TR-6060. 

Magnum XLR

The “R” is for racing!  This bolstered version of the original Magnum XL uses a race-bred 2.29 close-ratio gear set complete with desirable 0.90/0.80 double overdrive gears.  An internal oil cooler pump keeps things cool when the pressure is on, and upgraded fork pads are intended to survive the most extreme gear banging abuse!  The XLR will feature TREMEC’s latest hybrid synchronizer materials along with a non-isolator short-throw shifter for the ultimate shift feel.  Available in both Ford and GM configurations, the XLR will serve a wide variety of late model track machines.


What’s the best lube to use in your TREMEC transmission?  Why TREMEC oil of course!  TREMEC’s performance-bred manual transmission lubricant is engineered to provide superior protection for both on and off-road use, while still providing the satisfying shift quality TREMEC’s are known for.