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At TREMEC, we don’t just manufacture complete transmission assemblies – we also provide a full line of OEM quality components, service parts, and genuine accessories to help you get the most from your TREMEC installation. Contact your TREMEC dealer for these components and accessories.

TREMEC BellhousingClutch Housings

TREMEC offers OEM-quality aluminum bellhousings for select T-5, TKO and Magnum transmissions (original T-56 transmissions includes housing, except on Corvette units). Not SFI approved. Includes hardware and spacer where applicable.

Slip YokesSlip Yoke

In many cases, converting to a TREMEC TKO or T-56 Magnum will also warrant minor driveline modifications, such as upgrading to our 31-spline aftermarket slip yoke. Built to OEM standards, they accept 1330-style U-Joints and are designed to handle the torque from one of our powerful 5 or 6-speed manual transmissions.


Short Input Shaft KitsShort Input Shaft Kits

TREMEC’s Short Input Shaft Kits are a must when installing a TREMEC TKO behind Ford FE-series engines. Kits include appropriate bearing retainer and new front seal. Available in 10 and 26-splines.


Cobra Conversion Input ShaftCobra Conversion Input Shaft

For 2003-2004 Ford Mustang Cobras with factory T-56 transmissions. Converts factory 10-spline input shaft to 26-spline unit for greatly enhanced strength. Important upgrade when making a lot of horsepower and using aggressive clutches in high performance applications. The Tremec Performance 26-spline input shaft will give you that peace of mind when you drop the hammer at the drag strip, or on the street.

TKO Mid-ShiTKO Mid-Shift Conversion Kitft Conversion Kit

Ideal for numerous street rod, kit car and early pick-up installations. The TREMEC Mid-Shift Kit puts the shifter on a TKO just 12.68” from the face of the transmission. Kit comes with everything necessary to make a complete conversion, including a complete shift lever assembly with boot, new shift lug, and rear shift cover. 3.5” height.

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