NVH Test ChamberTREMEC engineers help clients build unique solutions with full-service capabilities – from design and modeling through testing and production.

During the design and modeling phase, testing includes gear geometry measurements, dynamic stress testing of gears and shafts, optimization of tooth profiles, tolerance analysis, and more.

The next stage is the development of prototypes. After the physical components are developed, a test plan is put in place to ensure that the designed product will work perfectly in its daily use.

Test benches and the tests themselves are designed and developed in-house. To verify the soundness of the design, tests include:

  • Dynamometer test – assuring the durability of the transmission to meet specified torque and power
  • Metallurgic analysis –incorporating destructive and non-destructive methods
  • Durablity test – examines critical changes of speed with a pneumatic system that simulates driver operation
  • Extreme temperature test – a refrigerated chamber with cooling capacity of -30° C (-22° F)
  • NVH signature – investigation of noise, vibration and harshness in a sound chamber similar to a recording studio

Rigid quality management systems are maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Assembly and end-of-line testing includes:

  • Electronic torque and shim determination
  • Accelerated ultraviolet and ultrasound inspections
  • Pressure decay determination
  • Shift quality analysis

This quality management system, executed in conjunction with our OEM customers, ensures that TREMEC produces a world-class product for which it was designed.