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February 11, 2015

TREMEC Toolbox AppTREMEC’s Toolbox App will help you simplify driveline setup, predict the effects of changing gear ratios and tire sizes, and calculate vehicle speed and RPM variables.

TREMEC’s free mobile App for iOS and Android smartphones is great for planning your rig – allowing you to see what kind of performance to expect from different combinations!

The TREMEC Toolbox App includes four handy and simple-to-use tools, including:

  1. Driveline Angle Finder - See a short video on this great tool from Power Automedia
  2. Vehicle Speed Calculator - determine your vehicle's speed in any gear and any RPM for best performance
  3. RPM Calculator - determine what RPM your engine will run based on gear ratio, tire size, transmission, and MPH
  4. Tire Size Calculator - convert the funky P-Metric tire size to good old American inches



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About the Driveline Angle Finder


Dec. 18, 2014 / Chevy High Performance / Jeff Smith

Stock is not a word used very often in the performance industry. LS engine swaps, transmission changes, beefy rear axles, major suspension mods, and ride height modifications are all part of this complex game. This is especially true when it comes to engines and transmissions, as it’s not unusual for drivetrain angles to change slightly, especially if we are trying to clear the floor with a larger trans. These may seem to be insignificant changes, but they can have big effects when it comes to running the car down the road.

TREMEC is in the business of selling high-performance manual transmissions and through the years, customers run into driveline vibration issues that are often blamed on the transmission or poorly balanced driveshafts. Closer diagnosis revealed that most of these problems were related to driveline angle issues.

This motivated TREMEC to create a simple driveline angle finder program that anyone could use. The idea is to measure the angle of the engine and transmission, the driveshaft, and the pinion angle separately and then combine them mathematically to determine the system’s proper overall angle.

All smartphones come with an internal sensor that monitors the phone’s horizontal or vertical orientation. TREMEC created a simple app that uses this sensor to measure and record three angles: the engine/trans, the driveshaft, and the pinion angle – and quickly computes the system’s overall operating angle. If the numbers are good, the results appear in green. If one or more angle is out of spec, the results will be in red.

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