Jay Leno restores "gag" gift"

November 4, 2019

Jay Leno with TREMECLas Vegas / Nov. 4, 2019

In terms of gag gifts, it was a good one ? perfect, in fact, for a classic car enthusiast. Now years later, it will finally get the attention it deserves.

The 1968 Ford Bronco wagon was left for Jay Leno as a joke, arranged by fellow late-night TV host Craig Ferguson to be parked in Leno?s spot on the eve of his last taping. Ferguson was unaware of the iconic status of the Bronco ? and had no idea how highly sought after these models are. But long-time car collector Leno knew. He happily accepted the gift which ended up sitting in his garage unrestored until recently.

A project years in the making, the announcement of the new Bronco spurred many discussions when anyone from Ford would visit Leno?s garage. The effort to restore the vehicle finally materialized early this year with Ford Performance and SEMA Garage leading a collaborative team to give it new life.

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