2019 TREMEC Stick Shift Shootout

October 8, 2019

Stick Shift Shootout awardsA true test of performance for those choosing three pedals

NMRA True Street is one of the most fun classes in drag racing today. It embodies the spirit of street-legal Ford performance and offers enthusiasts the chance to compete in a safe and exciting environment.Winners are crowned in a variety of performance levels. And twice a year, True Street racers get the chance to show their stuff in the TREMEC Stick Shift Shootout.

The TREMEC Stick Shift Shootout is a true test of performance for those choosing three pedals, with fantastic prizes and bragging rights at stake. In order to be eligible to run in the Shootout, a True Street competitor must have a street-style manual transmission (face-plated and pro-shifted are allowed). The second TREMEC Stick Shift Shootout of 2019 was held September 28-29 at the NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The eight quickest drivers received a special Shootout plaque, a custom TREMEC jacket and a spot on the ladder for the Shootout eliminations. Up for grabs was a brand-new McLeod Racing RXT Twin Disc Clutch and Flywheel (valued at approximately $1,300), plus an engraved award presented in the Aerospace Components Winners Circle. The runner-up prize was a $500 McLeod Racing product certificate and custom plaque.

A total of 35 manual-transmission?equipped Fords competed in True Street at the 2019 NMRA World Finals. The Top 8 was a mix of late-model body styles, from four-eyed Foxes to boosted Shelby Stallions.

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