National Mustang Day

April 18, 2019

Ford_P-51 MustangFord's Iconic American Muscle Car Turns 55

Newsweek /? Sophia Waterfield / 4/17/19

One special day a year, the Mustang world unites by taking their Mustangs to the road!

Imagine it now: your hair blowing in the wind, the sun reflecting off your side mirrors, and the clear, long road ahead. This is the image cemented into our minds when we think about driving a Ford Mustang.

From classic car to modern mobile, the Mustang is one of the ultimate American national treasures. In celebration of National Mustang Day (April 17, 2019), we've compiled some funky facts to pull on your nostalgic heartstrings and get you excited for the future.

When Was The Mustang Launched?

On this day in 1964, Henry Ford II gave the world its first look at the all-new Mustang at the New York Auto Show. Prior to this, it was known under the codename "Special Falcon," a? secret car project led by the legendary Lee Iacocca.

Some 22,000 Mustang orders were placed on the first day, with 419,000 cars sold the first year.

Where Does The Name Mustang Come From?

Ford confirms that after considering Cougar, Stiletto and Allegro, the name Mustang?inspired by a World War II fighter plane?stuck. Close to its 1964 reveal, Ford considered either having the car as a sedan or a wagon, settling on the coupe and convertible body styles that remain to this day.

What Films Has The Mustang Appeared In?

How Popular are Mustangs?

Latest figures from Ford confirm that more than 113,066 vehicles were sold globally (via IHS Markit). Some 75,842 of these were sold in the U.S. Ford also confirmed that Mustang?s market share in the global sports car segment is 15.4 percent.


TREMEC 55th AnniversaryTREMEC Celebrates 55th Anniversary

Since its founding in 1964, TREMEC has gained a reputation for producing a range of high-quality and award-winning torque transfer solutions for leading automotive companies.

Today, we are the leader in rear-wheel drive manual transmissions for high performance car applications.

On this historic 55-year anniversary, TREMEC is taking the opportunity to look back, with a view toward the future.

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