Trans Am Returns to Mid-Ohio in Full Force

August 20, 2013

Napieralski Camaro at Mid-Ohio

TREMEC transmissions power success

Lexington, OH, August 20, 2013, Courtesy Trans Am - - Trans Am has seen 2013 become a year of growth and a return to racing of the caliber that is desired and nearly demanded of Trans Am.

With all three classes, TA, TA2 and TA3 in full swing, Trans Am has put together classes that actually matter and relate to drivers and fans. From the awe of the 800-plus horsepower monstrosities in the TA class, to the all-American thrill of competition in TA2, to the purity of production racing in TA3, every class in Trans Am is growing—powered by drivers and team owners who see success as a necessity, not just an option.

At the Trans Am race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course this past weekend, in a race full of what seemed to be just about everything, TREMEC transmissions defend the pride of Detroit built iron against European engineered machinery.

The TA3 race featured a strong battle between two Trans Am newcomers, Todd Napieralski, driver of the #39 TPR/SKF/TREMEC/Backstreet Performance Chevrolet Camaro – with a TREMEC Magnum XL transmission, and Dane Moxlow, in the #20 Trenton Forging/Cardinel Energy Ford Mustang – with a Shelby GT500-spec’d TR-6060 transmission. Both transmissions were prepared in the TREMEC Plymouth facility.

It was a race that harkened back to Trans Am races from years past, a production Mustang versus a production Camaro, side-by-side, through turn after turn.  Unfortunately for Moxlow, that fight was cut short as a foray off course sent him back several places, leaving Napieralski a comfortable buffer en route to victory.

"Dane had a quick qualifier," Napieralski said.  "I wasn't quite sure how everything would go, we've never done a race this long before so, either way it would be an experience.  I went in for pass after a restart and he made room, but unfortunately we both had cold tires and he went off into the marbles. Either way it was a great experience, and it's always great to walk away with a win."

While Napieralski took the #1  spot for the win, Moxlow had the pole and went on to a 2nd place finish. Both cars broke the existing track record in their class for speed.

David Seuss, in the #9 Northern Light Porsche 996 GT3 said, “Having a Mustang, Porsche and Camaro racing side-by-side going through a  corner is amazing.” He added, “If you don’t get excited about that, you’re not a race fan – that’s what’s so great about this class and series, it’s so relevant in the world of racing.”

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