TREMEC the Official Transmission of the HOT ROD Power Tour

May 4, 2015

HOT ROD Power TourHOT ROD Power Tour 2015 is the world's largest road trip featuring thousands of cars from all over America and beyond.

TREMEC is proud to be the Official Transmission of the 21st Annual HOT ROD Power Tour!  Covering seven cities in seven days and spanning a distance of nearly 1400 miles, the Power Tour is not only the world’s largest rolling road trip but also its most spectacular!  Featuring over 5,000 custom and classic cars from all over the United States—and even from places outside of it!

As the Official Transmission of the tour, TREMEC will be present at each and every stop; from the beginning in Madison, Wisconsin, all the way to the final destination in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Onboard their red-and-white striped event rig will be a full complement of highly detailed cutaway transmission displays.  Additionally, fans can expect to see a wide variety of awesome TREMEC-equipped rides nearby at all times!  Experts will be on hand to answer any-and-all TREMEC-related questions; and TREMEC prizes will be given from the Power Tour Main Stage every afternoon!

“The HOT ROD Power Tour is without question, one of our favorite events,” commented TREMEC’s Nate Tovey.  “The comradery is great.  We have so much fun.  There’s just nothing else like it”, he continued. “Plus, since it is a driving event, we get a chance to show what our brand is really about and what our products can really do for people.  There are excellent examples of TREMEC-equipped iron driving around everywhere!”

For complete information on the HOT ROD Power Tour, including how you can participate, check out this link:  And for TREMEC-related updates, or to get a TREMEC’s eye view of the tour, stayed tuned to TREMEC at  

June 6, 2015 - June 13, 2015 | Starting in Madison, Wisconsin and ending in Baton Rouge, Lousiana.

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